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Legal expertise is part of the deal

When businesses get involved in Mergers and Acquisitions, they are faced with complex challenges, critical negotiations and volumes of documentation. Deloitte Legal has the expertise to decode the complexities and advise businesses throughout every stage of a transaction. This includes pre-transaction matters (such as due diligence), negotiation and execution, and also post-transaction reorganisations. Our experienced team provides advice on suitable structures or mechanisms to implement the deal, as well as negotiating and drafting the relevant agreements and ancillary documents.

Purchaser and vendor legal due diligence
Deloitte Legal assists businesses with purchaser and vendor legal due diligences with a focus on identifying material legal risks that may arise as a result of the sale or purchase of an entity. We assist businesses in determining how best to deal with the legal risks that have been identified, whether by way of rectification, price adjustments, indemnities or other effective exclusions or measures to mitigate legal risk. These due diligences are done in a coordinated fashion with our tax and financial advisory colleagues.

Drafting, negotiation and implementation of Transaction Documents
Deloitte Legal helps parties with the tactical aspects of the transaction such as the negotiation strategies. We also negotiate and draft the required transaction documents while working closely with our tax, financial and accounting colleagues to deal appropriately with the broader spectrum of risks identified across each of these work streams in the transaction documents.

In addition, Deloitte Legal assists with competition filings, obtaining certain other regulatory approvals and local implementation.

Post-transaction integration
Once a deal closes, it is essential to effectively integrate the businesses and structures of the entities in order to realise the intended benefits of the transaction. Deloitte Legal helps companies rationalise and simplify corporate structures and internal proceedings for the integrated group. We support clients with intra-group mergers, carve-outs, legal entity rationalisation, workforce restructuring, squeeze-out procedures and alignment of internal rules and regulations for the group resulting from the transaction.

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Kathy Jarvis

Kathy Jarvis

Senior Associate Director: Deloitte Legal

Kathy is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa and an admitted solicitor of the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom. She has over 20 years’ corporate law experience and advises variou... More