Restructuring insights for creditors

Creditor advisory

A company that is struggling to fulfill its financial obligations can make unreasonable demands that put pressure on its stakeholders. Early identification, evaluation, and prioritization of the options available to the company and its stakeholders are key to achieving a successful outcome.

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Whether the solution is a covenant reset, a refinancing, an “amend and extend”, a restructuring, sale of all or parts of the business, or an insolvency event, creditors need financial, strategic, and operational insights to help make fully informed decisions. This can be based on an Independent Business Review, or a robust review of a Company Business Review, but requires experienced professionals with the capacity to understand the key issues quickly and negotiate effectively.

In more complex situations, it’s important to work with the creditors’ coordinating committee to ensure the wider lender group is updated and consulted on key decisions -- liaising with other stakeholders and advisers to move forward quickly and efficiently. Typically, a ’Plan B’ is developed in parallel, in case it is needed to support negotiations or the implementation of the restructuring.

Deloitte professionals are experienced in all of these areas.