Restructuring Services

Helping you get back to growth

When a company is facing financial problems, whether it concerns cash flow shortfall, falling sales or excessive debt, we deliver restructuring solutions designed to build a platform for swift recovery and sustained success.

Restructuring Services

Restructuring Services specialises in providing pre-eminent and in-depth professional and financial advisory services to management and stakeholders of underperforming and financially distressed businesses, or those approaching insolvency.

We leverage off our extensive experience to partner with creditors, equity holders, the legal community, bank syndicates and other interested parties, with the objective of maximising shareholders’ recoveries and protecting their investments through turnaround, exit or both. 

Our network of Restructuring Services professionals has vast experience in a variety of sectors, and extensive service capabilities, which enable us to serve the complex needs of our clients.  

Deloitte’s ability to utilise firm resources in foreign locations gives us a strong has a strong competitive advantage in our African and international Creditor and Corporate Advisory service offering. We regularly access the Deloitte global centres of excellence to ensure that we remain at the forefront of development in the Restructuring Services field.

Creditor Advisory Services

In the current economic climate, we are seeing increasing numbers of businesses experiencing financial difficulties. This represents a high level of risk to lenders who face potential non-payment of some or all of the outstanding capital and interest owed by the businesses. 

Our Creditor Advisory team is able to assist you in answering key questions in considering your potential exposure and next steps, in particular:

  • Whether the business has adequate liquidity to continue operating normally, allowing time for lenders to consider their options
  • Comfort that the business plan provides a reasonable basis to make future lending decisions
  • View on market growth prospects, competitive position and key value drivers and how consistent these are with the proposed strategy of the business
  • View of the long term sustainability of various divisions of the business
  • Valuation of the business
  • What assets are currently provided as security to lenders and other assets available for additional security
  • Understanding of options for reducing level of gearing / exposure to the business
  • Potential courses of action for the lenders to consider

Our Creditor Advisory service offering includes: 

  • Financial restructuring
  • Independent business reviews
  • Liquidity reviews
  • Option reviews
  • Stakeholder management


Corporate Advisory Services

Our Corporate Advisory team provides senior, hands-on support to Executive Management and Shareholders to deliver successful business turnarounds and enhance profitability and liquidity. 

We specialise in delivering rapid and tangible improvements to profitability and liquidity to businesses and/or their subsidiaries, where there are financial, operational and/or industry challenges, such that businesses need to re-invent themselves to ensure shareholder value is protected. 

Our approach combines governance and performance management, in an ongoing cycle as illustrated below:  

Our Corporate Advisory servicing offering includes: 

  • Financial restructuring
  • Company business reviews
  • Develop improvement initiatives
  • Crisis management and CRO
  • Cash and working capital optimisation