Act now before it’s too late

Turnaround & performance improvement

A struggling company has no time to lose; it needs to address strategic and operational challenges, improve performance, and turn its business around while there is still time. Management needs to be proactive to retain the confidence of financial stakeholders - they can’t afford to make mistakes.

When companies are facing financial, operational and/or industry challenges, CFOs, CEOs, and boards must act decisively to ensure that stakeholder value is protected.

Improving the performance of a struggling company requires careful planning to diagnose specific issues affecting the business, establish the right priorities, and address the most critical problems. It also requires careful management and implementation to tackle the inevitable organizational and operational challenges, and to achieve the necessary results – on time and within budget.

If management are prepared and proactive, financial stakeholders are more likely to support a refinancing, rather than push for a more radical restructuring. That’s where Deloitte professionals can help.