Industry Update – September 2017

Actuarial and Insurance Solutions

The latest key regulatory developments in the Insurance Industry

Key takeouts from this report 

  • Finanical Sector Regulation Act signed into law
  • FICA
  • Insurance Prudential Standards

Call to action 

Read more about the latest regulatory developments in the Insurance Industry here.

How can Deloitte help 

Deloitte’s Actuarial & Insurance Solutions (AIS) is a specialist insurance and actuarial consulting team, specialising in the following key areas:

  • Life insurance (Long-Term Insurance)
  • Non-life insurance (General Insurance/Short-Term Insurance)
  • Pensions (including Retirement Funds & Employee Benefits)
  • Data analytics

We focus on solving business problems by using our advanced actuarial and analytics. We provide a wide range of specialised actuarial and risk services to the insurance and reinsurance industry in South Africa and other African countries, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States. 

A core service we provide is the role of Statutory Actuary focusing on our clients’ financial well-being and continued solvency. We are the Statutory Actuaries to many life and short-term insurers in South Africa and across the African continent.  We also provide clients with fully independent specialist advice as well as supporting our client’s actuarial functions.  For a full list of our actuarial services, please refer to the AIS brochure on our website.

We provide the skills, expertise and experience to transform and grow our clients’ business.  We draw upon our vast industry knowledge and global actuarial skills by leveraging the relationships and experience of practitioners in our international offices to find the best solution for our clients.

We provide professional and independent advice with carefully maintained practice standards and we are able to integrate our actuarial capabilities with strategic and operational thinking through the broader Deloitte. Our solutions are based on providing our clients with the best people, techniques and thinking, focusing on the commercial imperatives of our clients, now and going forward.

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