Create rapid and sustainable change

using your own colour palette

We live and operate in a constant state of turbulence. Military planners call it VUCA. In this context Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity change the dynamics of engagement & Financial Services disruptors are intensifying, requiring a decisive focus on Human Capital.

This piece introduces the concept of “People Adoption” - a deliberate process that enables all employees to understand the reasons for change, the expected results, how this change will impact them, how they will benefit from this change and what they need to do to sustain this change.

If you knew there was only a 5% adoption rate on a recent R271m programme*, would you plan to run your next internal programme differently?

We know that leading organisations periodically make large investments to keep their business model relevant. Almost all of these investments result in some change or another.

The skill in change management is having rich expertise to create the colours you want using your own colour palette
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