Finance of The Future Project
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What are the objectives of Finance Of The Future?

PBF Implementation objectives

The objectives of the engagement were to redesign the current PBF process through multiple phases with the aims of:

  • Develop a tactical budgeting solution that Sasol could use for preparing FY23 budgets and reduce reliance on manual excel based solutions and legacy applications
  • Implement an automated cash flow solution with minimal manual intervention
  • Build a driver based planning model that integrates with actuals data, uses consistent drivers/KPIs’ and delivers meaningful analysis of the results

IVC Impairment Modelling objectives

Core objective was to develop and Integrated Value Chain Impairment Modelling process to align to the IAS36 requirements whilst simultaneously achieving the following:

  • Automate data loads and reducing manual interventions in the IVC process
  • Create a centralised and auditable data repository
  • Automate net present value calculations
  • Increase auditor reliance on the IVC process

Project Approach

“The Finance of the Future program for Sasol was about more than just implementing cutting edge technologies and modern software, it was about implementing a solution that would work now and going into the future.”

- Tsholo Masakale, Associate Director | Finance & Performance

Value to Client

Key contact

Kavitha Prag

Enterprise Technology & Performance Offering Leader

Siliziwe Mafika

Principle, Associate Director in Consulting

Tsholo Masakale

Associate Director | Finance and Performance

Jono Maxwell

Senior Manager | Finance and Performance