Global bank governance in a structurally reformed world

Too complex to manage?

Global bank structures are changing, and regulators want continuous assurance that banks are well run. This report from our Centre for Regulatory Strategy sets out the new reality for governing global banking groups in the context of structural reform and makes recommendations for where global banks should focus their energies in trying to tackle the challenges they face.

Key takeout from this report

Managing global banks is inherently difficult, made more so by new post-crisis regulatory constraints which have increased the cost and complexity of governance structures. Global banks need to be able to play within the new rules of the game, which requires a focus on the structural, procedural and human capital solutions necessary to coordinate globally along multiple business lines and legal entities.

The industry has come a long way in recent years, but there is more that global banking groups can do to deal with the pressures of steering highly complex organisations through difficult economic, political and regulatory times.

This report makes recommendations for where global banks should focus their energies in trying to tackle the challenges they face, including:

• Senior management understanding of organisational structures;

• Responsibility for internal governance;

• Dual-hatting arrangements;

• Subsidiary board effectiveness;

• Policy governance; and more. 


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Discover the challenges of governing global banks amidst new regulatory constraints


How can Deloitte help 

EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy – Africa Desk

The EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy - Africa Desk (EMEA CRS - Africa Desk) draws on financial services industry expertise from across Deloitte’s African network to provide our clients with a forward-looking view of the most important regulatory developments affecting them. The EMEA CRS - Africa Desk is an extension of the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) CRS into the African Continent with a focus on the Africa financial services regulatory developments and draws on insights gained from the EMEA CRS where relevant.

The two main objectives of the EMEA CRS - Africa Desk are:

i. To better understand the Financial Sector’s needs regarding transformation initiatives undertaken as a result of regulatory drivers

ii. Co-ordinate the Deloitte response in developing client-tailored solutions based on these regulatory drivers

Through the adoption of a strategic and forward-looking approach to the identification and analysis of emerging financial services regulation, the EMEA CRS - Africa Desk contributes to our knowledge management and empowers our staff to make an impact that matters during each client engagement. The EMEA CRS - Africa Desk coordinates and enables the engagement between our regulatory experts and those charged with accountability to manage an organisation’s response to changes in financial services regulation. 

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