Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2019

10 years on from the crisis

Our annual assessment from Deloitte’s EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy explores how major regulatory trends will shape the financial services industry in the year ahead and provides solutions to guide leaders in effectively navigating the changes.

At a glance

We have identified six cross-sector themes of strategic significance for the financial services industry in 2019.

Alongside our six cross-sector themes, we have also identified six supervisory constants – although not new, these will be important areas of supervisory focus in 2019.

We also have a number of sector specific themes, related to Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance, and Investment Management respectively.

A snapshot of each theme is contained in the tabs below, or you can access a full summary of our predictions with the tool further down the page.

Our predictions for 2019

Select issues and themes from the below list to receive a customised summary of our predictions for the year ahead.

Choose cross-sector themes:

Choose supervisory constants:

Choose sector-specific issues:


Capital Markets


Investment Management

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To help you digest these regulatory predictions, register for a live webcast on 6 December at 5pm GMT, where ECRS leaders David Strachan and Andrew Bulley will be joined by senior representatives from the financial services industry to discuss the regulatory developments in the year ahead. If the time does not suit, please still register and you will receive an email with the webcast playback, to allow you to watch it in your own time.

Regulatory timeline tool

Access our interactive timeline tool to receive a high-level view of recent and upcoming regulatory milestones for the financial services industry.

How our 2018 predictions fared

See how we rated ourselves looking back at our Regulatory Outlook for 2018.



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About the EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy – Africa Desk

The EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy - Africa Desk (EMEA CRS - Africa Desk) draws on financial services industry expertise from across Deloitte’s African network to provide our clients with a forward-looking view of the most important regulatory developments affecting them. The EMEA CRS - Africa Desk is an extension of the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) CRS into the African Continent with a focus on the Africa financial services regulatory developments and draws on insights gained from the EMEA CRS where relevant.

The two main objectives of the EMEA CRS - Africa Desk are:

i. To better understand the Financial Sector’s needs regarding transformation initiatives undertaken as a result of regulatory drivers

ii. Co-ordinate the Deloitte response in developing client-tailored solutions based on these regulatory drivers

Through the adoption of a strategic and forward-looking approach to the identification and analysis of emerging financial services regulation, the EMEA CRS - Africa Desk contributes to our knowledge management and empowers our staff to make an impact that matters during each client engagement. The EMEA CRS - Africa Desk coordinates and enables the engagement between our regulatory experts and those charged with accountability to manage an organisation’s response to changes in financial services regulation.