Insurance Tech Trends 2013


Insurance Tech Trends 2013

Elements of postdigital

We examine the convergence and controlled collision of five forces – Analytics, Mobile, Social, Cloud, and Cyber – as businesses move closer to achieving the possibilities of the Postdigital Enterprise

These five forces offer a new set of tools for business, opening the door to new rules for operations, performance, and competition.

For the third year running, Deloitte U.S. has published its annual Technology Trends report — a detailed look at the most important technology developments that will influence the world of business technology over the coming year. Year after year, this report is widely anticipated among technology leaders working in a range of industries.

Among those of us who work solely with insurers, our clients want to know how these trends will specifically affect their businesses. After all, the insurance industry faces its own unique set of technology challenges and opportunities. What do these trends have in store for the insurance industry in particular?

This year’s topics were chosen based on their potential business impact over the next 12 to 18 months, using input from clients, analysts, alliances, and our network of academic leaders and subject matter advisors. Many of this year’s trends build on those identified in past years, and are the result of the ongoing refinement and evolution of technologies that are taking on growing importance in the marketplace. For example, the issue of “big data” is moving out of the academic world and quickly gaining traction in a range of mainstream commercial environments. It’s no secret that technology leaders in insurance companies are becoming more business focused with each passing year. 

Insurance Tech Trends 2013
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