REflexions - Issue 10

A global look at Real Estate trends

Welcome to this tenth edition of REflexions, with its wide range of insights into trends and developments in the Real Estate market across the globe.

We present this edition for the first time in a new format, with items presented in four different categories: market views, technology, geography focus, and markets focus.

This edition of REflexions includes the following articles:

  • Data analytics: smart decision-making for real-estate institutional investors and managers
  • Special purpose properties in Germany
  • Deloitte Property Index 2019:  How do Europeans live what does it costs them and where does residential price growth end?
  • Deloitte’s 2019 Operations and Technology Survey results round-up
  • An interview with James Seppala, Blackstone’s Head of Real Estate Europe 
  • A perspective from Sven Andersen, CFO of FREO Group, on sustainable development.
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