Crunch Time 9: Tax In A Digital World

Taking Tax seriously

This guide reveals that when Tax is modernised, it shifts from being mostly a compliance function to a high-value planning and reporting function.

It is common for Finance to have a front-row seat when big new initiatives are underway, including technology spending. However, far too often, Tax gets involved after the fact, when the best they can do is make the most of a tough situation. Fortunately, that is beginning to change.

The reason is simple: New data modeling tools make it possible to deliver valuable tax insights about different financial scenarios– in real time. Which means business leaders get the benefits of those insights before they have to make their decisions, for this to happen, Tax must modernise along with the rest of the enterprise.

By taking a fresh look at new technology capabilities and related operating models, CFOs may find that they can have it all: a high-performing, efficient tax department that has tightly integrated with Finance and the rest of the organisation.

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