The business of platforms

The platform business model to survive in an ecosystem driven economy

Defining a platform business can be complex but if we look at the simplest definition of a platform, it is essentially a base or supporting structure to stand on. In a business context, a platform business strategy can be explained as an approach that supports or facilitates transactions and interactions across a large number of participants. Platform business models are made possible by technology but are, in themselves, not a technology solution.

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Digital platforms and ecosystems are re-inventing business models and platform businesses are on the rise. Some are purpose-built, while others have evolved from a more traditional linear business model.

While many established companies are already on the journey to becoming platform businesses, this is often through an evolutionary process shaped by rapidly changing market forces than due to conscious strategic decisions. At Deloitte, we believe that a deliberate and focused approach to transforming to a platform business model is key to unlocking value, efficiency and, ultimately, sustainability.


Not an option

While platform business models have been discussed for many years, at Deloitte we believe that it is time that talk becomes action for organisations that want to create value and growth in an increasingly challenging business environment.

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