The Mutual ADI of the Future


This publication describes nine broad categories - Our Choices Framework - which are underpinned by 55 levers that Mutual ADIs in Australia can pull to achieve a dynamic resilience and thrive.

Individually the key forces for change in our business environments present significant challenges and risks to Australian Mutual ADIs. Together, those forces are creating a disturbance that is increasing these challenges and risks and – as is the nature of change – also creating significant opportunities.

None are a panacea individually, nor are they a single step recipe for success. In fact, many of them are being successfully deployed in some Mutual ADIs already. They are concepts that we believe, if successfully executed by leaders, have the power to see the Mutual ADI industry thriving by the time this decade is out.

Getting the right people, with the right responsibilities, who have the right information to meet your business objectives, will be the first step towards building a 21st century information driven organisation.

We invite you to assess the impact on your own business, click on one of the nine levers below to get started and discover our suggested next steps. 

The Mutual ADI of the Future
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