Core systems replacement in the UK

Feeling the squeeze

The Core Banking group in the UK has a depth and breadth of experience that is unique in this market. We are able to advise on retail banking, corporate banking, insurance, wealth and treasury/trading platforms. From health checks, through selection to implementation, or programme recovery our team offers you practical, pragmatic and impartial advice based on deep experience.


Under pressure from the City to show growth in fiercely competitive markets, the UK’s banks have continued to drive down costs as a proportion of income, some to around 45%. Can they reduce them any further? What would they have to do to get to 30%?


Many banks’ systems share similar characteristics: uncoordinated IT investments over the last 30 years, incremental development and a tactical approach have resulted in a patchwork of pain points. In spite of the problems banks have been reluctant to replace systems due to the cost and risk, but we believe that in many banks the business case for replacement can now be made and the risks of replacement managed. Vendors are delivering more sophisticated, compelling and cost effective solutions.


We believe that only through core systems replacement can banks reach new levels of capability and efficiency, and the market will become polarized between those that decided to break the mold and those that didn’t.


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