Creating a Risk Intelligent infrastructure


Creating a Risk Intelligent infrastructure

Getting Risk Intelligence done

An effective, common risk management infrastructure — that unifies and supports processes, people, and use of technology — is the essential enabler for sustaining a Risk Intelligent Enterprise management approach.

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Most business leaders today understand what risk management is and why it’s important — but they’re still wrestling with questions about how to make it work in real life. What does your organization need to do to manage risk effectively? Who should be responsible for what? What tools and technologies do they need? Questions like these, and finding effective answers to them, are at the heart of the challenge of creating the “right” risk management infrastructure to make your organization a Risk Intelligent Enterprise.

This whitepaper examines the potential benefits of infrastructure improvements when developing the business case for more effective risk management: greater consistency; higher efficiency; deeper insight into risks and their interdependencies; and enhanced decision-making ability.

Creating a Risk Intelligent infrastructure: Getting Risk Intelligence done
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