Enterprise compliance


Enterprise compliance

The Risk Intelligent approach

Whether your organization is highly regulated, unregulated, public, or private, it’s likely that compliance is a core business issue on your immediate agenda. As government regulation deepens around the world, its importance is only growing. While there has been plenty of talk about the role of an enterprise compliance approach in managing these risks, the details have always been a little fuzzy…until now.

This book is for senior business leaders and board members who are pursuing a leading compliance capability, regardless of whether their organizations are highly regulated, unregulated, public, or private. It was informed by years of discussions and work at some of the world’s leading companies.

This book explains the key components of enterprise compliance and offers senior executives and board members a practical guide to the tough questions they should be asking about their own compliance efforts. Questions such as:

  • Who can give me a detailed snapshot of all the compliance issues we face, given our specific industry footprint?
  • How are we identifying, monitoring and adjusting for emerging compliance risks and requirements?
  • What are we doing to make sure our employees understand their responsibilities when it comes to compliance?
  • How can the board determine whether resources devoted to compliance programs are adequate and aligned with the organization’s risk appetite?
  • What could we change tomorrow to either reduce the cost of our compliance efforts or increase their value? Can we do both?


Enterprise compliance
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