Five questions about reputational risk


Five questions about reputational risk

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Ask senior executives which risks concern them most and many are likely to place “reputational risk” near the top of the list. That’s because reputational risk is a meta-risk, reflecting the combined impacts of many other types of risks, ranging from supply chain to cybersecurity and beyond. While some organizations address reputational risk primarily by focusing on managing its component parts, we see increasing examples of organizations tackling this risk more holistically.

In this Risk Angle, we take a few minutes with Jonathan Copulsky, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and author of the recent book, Brand Resilience: Managing Risk and Recovery in a High-Speed World, to get his take on managing reputational risk.

This Risk Angle answers the following questions

  1. Is reputational risk really a bigger deal today than it was five or ten years ago?
  2. Isn't reputational risk really just a by-product of other processes and risks?
  3. How much control do we really have over reputational risk?
  4. Who typically "owns" reputational risk?
  5. What's the most common blind spot when it comes to addressing reputational risk today?

It also takes a closer look at brand resilience 

Risk Angles: Five questions about reputational risk
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