Intensive risk, elusive value

A Risk Intelligent executive’s guide to security and privacy

The changing business environment has forced companies and executives to enhance their focus on data privacy and security, the absence of which can lead to multiple potential risks. This holds especially true for the non-IT professionals with significant governance or management responsibilities. Today, between outsourcing and offshoring, longer supply chains, alliances, partnerships, and other intertwined arrangements, the very definition of the enterprise has changed. This blurring of boundaries can have profound implications for organizations.

At a time when knowledge is supposedly king, information abuse and neglect actually rules the kingdom. Many organizations don’t tag, identify, inventory, or classify their data — or do so haphazardly.

This whitepaper discusses key security and privacy takeaways along with actionable recommendations, including:

  • Taking a proactive approach to avoid any security and privacy breach
  • Addressing the associated people issues
  • Realizing the potential of information technology
  • Forging the link between policies and operations
  • Linking security and privacy with strategic business objectives
Intensive risk, elusive value: A Risk Intelligent executive’s guide to security and privacy.
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