Risk Intelligence in the age of global uncertainty

Prudent preparedness for myriad threats

Threats dominate the news: terrorism and war, natural and man-made disasters, avian flu and other potential pandemics, and much more. How can companies separate the real dangers from the imagined? To provide an antidote to the hype and resultant confusion, Deloitte has released, “Risk Intelligence in the Age of Global Uncertainty.”

A pandemic may or may not materialize, but it does provide Risk Intelligent organizations with a motivation and an opportunity to deal with the issues that arise from fundamental and substantial business disruption.

History provides strong evidence that a significant disruptive event is an inevitability, not merely a possibility. If one accepts that premise, then inaction becomes an exceedingly poor — even unacceptable — choice. Among the recommendations contained in this whitepaper, Deloitte suggests that companies concentrate less on the cause and more on the impact of a major disruptive event. That’s because, while an enormous number of potential threats exist, a much smaller range of effects can result. 

Risk Intelligence in the age of global uncertainty
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