The Risk Intelligent CFO


The Risk Intelligent CFO

Converting risk into opportunity

Boards and the C-suite are increasingly turning to CFOs as the voice of risk-related thinking. Given the comprehensive view available to CFOs – across balance sheets, corporate transactions, and the business – they are strategically positioned to recognize, manage, and report risks and opportunities to key stakeholders. By developing a more strategic vision and approach, the CFO can assist the organization in taking the right risks – and taking the right amount of them.

Preventing bad things from happening is no longer sufficient. That’s why Risk Intelligent CFOs focus on creating value, putting strategy at the heart of risk-management initiatives, and scanning the environment for obstacles that stand in their way. Convert risk into opportunity. Make good things happen.

This whitepaper describes how becoming a Risk Intelligent Enterprise™ requires a practical approach that factors the consideration of risk into every strategy, decision, and activity, enabling the company to take advantage of the opportunities risks can create.

The Risk Intelligent CFO: Converting risk into opportunity
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