Risk Intelligent enterprise managemen


Risk Intelligent enterprise management

Running the Risk Intelligent Enterprise™

Investor and regulator demands have propelled organizations throughout the world to implement enterprise risk management (ERM) programs for more effective risk management. But while an ERM program can help an enterprise better organize its risk-related activities, it is not, in itself, enough to embed a thoughtful, sustainable consideration of risk into the organization’s key decision-making processes.

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Risk Intelligent enterprise management is all about making strategic and day-to-day decisions across the entire enterprise with full awareness of the attendant risks and opportunities. A systematic approach to identifying, assessing, and planning for risks is essential, as is a well-defined process for making key risk information available to decision-makers at every organizational level.

This whitepaper describes how a Risk Intelligent approach to enterprise management can help take ERM to the next level. Risk Intelligent enterprise management treats risk management as an integral part of managing the enterprise’s strategy and operations, not as a separate, siloed process. This can enable an organization to make Risk Intelligent choices that expose the enterprise to just the “right” amount of risk needed to pursue value creation.

Risk intelligent enterprise management
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