A Risk Intelligent view of reputation


A Risk Intelligent view of reputation

An outside-in perspective

Reputation risk management is an even greater challenge today than a decade ago due to the increasingly global, interconnected, and interdependent nature of today’s marketplace, including exposure to a wide range of stakeholder opinions through social media. It can take a long time to build a solid reputation, but not long at all to impair or lose it.

Traditional risk management techniques aren’t adequate for countering today’s killer risks, because they focus almost exclusively on risk avoidance and an inside-out perspective on threats.

This whitepaper, developed in collaboration with RiiЯ Ltd., explores the importance of staying on top of the latest reputational risk management approaches. Our Risk Intelligent approach, for example, takes an “outside-in” perspective, which relates enterprise reputation matters to strategic outcomes, value protection, and importantly, value creation. In fact, Risk Intelligence can be instrumental in supporting an outside-in perspective by helping to identify sources of opportunities and threats on a continuous basis.

A Risk Intelligent view of reputation: An outside-in perspective
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