2015 South African Human Capital Trends

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The Deloitte 2015 Human Capital Trends Report for South Africa has been launched, bringing insights and perspectives to HR and business leaders alike. This report gives a comprehensive overview of the top five human capital trends in South Africa, based on the findings from the Global Human Capital Trends Survey. The research described in the South African report and the Top five human capital trends for South Africa are based on the responses by the South African participants.


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Many organisations are finding that a traditional one-size-fits-all human capital strategy no longer works. Millennials seek a sense of purpose and value leaders who are strategic thinkers, which calls for innovative and interactive channels when leading in the new world of work. Further to this, technology now offers more mobile freedom than ever before and new ways in which to perform and evaluate work. As a result, business functions and technology need to be fully integrated to retain the right talent and garner the greatest business success. HR stakeholders and business leaders who implement dynamic, cohesive strategies in line with the trends in the report are expected to gain a significant competitive advantage. 

The Top five human capital trends for South Africa in order of the importance index are: 

1. Engagement and culture 

2. Leadership

3. Learning and development 

4. Workforce on demand 

5. Performance management 

Each trend is discussed in great detail in the report, which we hope will serve as a useful guide for strategic human capital management in the coming year.

Human Capital Trends Report



Download the Human Capital Trends Placemat here.

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