Future of Work Podcasts

This podcast series explores how to effectively adapt our strategy, business model, processes and policies, adopt new technologies and ways of working and ensure we are doing this in a way that will enable organisations to accelerate the changes to ensure they have sustainable businesses requires leadership to engage strategically in shaping their future, and then solving some very practical barriers around policies, processes, strategies and structures.

Future of Work - Episode 1

In this episode, we explore the importance of making strategic choices - the need to re-evaluate, what capabilities are needed to be successful in the changed market, and which capabilities enable being agile in an uncertain future. Daryl Elliott, Consulting Director in Strategy, Deloitte Africa unpacks more on this.

Future of Work – Episode 2

Often risk functions fail because of the lack of appreciation at the top of the organisation about risk management's role in today disruptive and complex business environment. This leads to 20th century risk management practices being applied to 21st century risks. Igna Gray, Director in Risk Management & Governance, Deloitte Africa weighs-in.

Future of Work – Episode 3

There is a unique opportunity to make some fundamental changes to our organisations across all dimensions relatively quickly, because the disruption to the workplace has done the change management for us and people are more open to adopting new technologies, ways of working, policies and processes. Fortune Gamanya, Associate Director, Human Capital, Deloitte Africa speaks to how leaders need to assess skills & rearchitect work and be open to the idea of networks & organisations – moving away from rigid structures that were created by hierarchies.

Future of Work – Episode 4

New roles are emerging - work that demands creativity, improvisation and curiosity is increasingly regarded as more stimulating and motivating. Sthembiso Phakathi, Director, Human Capital, Deloitte Africa comments on how by taking a human-focused approach to work, we can begin to re-architect work to actualise human potential and improve productivity, sustained by technology.

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