AI, robotics, and automation: Put humans in the loop

AI, robotics, and automation have gained a rapidly expanding foothold in the workplace, faster than many organisations ever expected.

As AI and other advanced technologies permeate the workplace, skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving gain in importance. Leading companies are recognising that these technologies are most effective when they complement humans, not replace them.

Seventy-four percent of South African respondents state that this trend is important, with 76 % not being ready for it.

Only 7 % of respondents state that their organisation is restructuring the way work is done and using AI or robotics. Fifty-one percent of respondents do not currently use AI or robotics in the workplace and 38% state that their organisation does not have a plan to cultivate the human skills required to use AI or robotics.   

Organisations are often divided on the recognition and acceptance of AI and robotics.

Key Take-outs:The bottom line

We recommend the following actions  that organisations can take to address the opportunities and challenges of this trend:

• Design a comprehensive future work architecture

• Consider the human element

–  View innovation and restructuring exercises from a people-impact point of view.

–  Be proactive in answering the challenges and opportunities of the future, particularly in the composition of your workforce, optimal sizing and operating models, training and consistent reskilling of employees.

– Consultation with affected stakeholders, particularly labour, is important in the South African context.

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