Best Company Survey 

Maximising the power of your people

Contact us today and optimise on your only true competitive advantage – your people

What is the Best Company Survey about?

It is a crucial tool for all organisations looking at their attractiveness to existing and potential employees’ and in determining their employees’ engagement with the organisation. The survey is for all organisations who value the importance of retaining and getting the best from their people.

What is the aim of the Best Company Survey?

The aim of the Best Company Survey is to identify the levers that will assist your organisation in optimally leading your only true competitive advantage: your people.

By using this survey, organisations will have the ability to develop and initiate more effective human capital strategies to thrive in an environment where rapid change is the only constant.

What can Deloitte do for you?

Our Human Capital team will utilise the information collected and apply relevant insights into your business. This will help you improve on areas of weakness and reinforce areas of strength. As a result your organisation can strategically and proactively manage its competitive advantage and systematically measure its return on investment.

How do I participate in the Best Company Survey?

Simply click here and send us an email.


"The only asset that is unique to a company, an asset that cannot be replicated by rivals, is the quality of their workforce: their ability to innovate, their willingness to go the extra mile, their creativity and the 'relational capital' that they build."​

Robert B. Reich 22nd American Secretary of Labour and Professor of Public Policy

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