Citizenship and social impact: Society holds the mirror

An organisation’s track record of corporate citizenship and social impact now has a direct bearing on its core identity and strategy.

Engagement with other stakeholders on topics such as diversity, gender pay equity, income inequality, and climate change can lift financial performance and brand value, while failure to  engage  can destroy reputation and alienate key audiences.  Many organisations are still catching up. Seventy seven percent of our global respondents say that citizenship is important, but only 18 % say this issue is a top priority reflected in corporate strategy.   

Eighty-eight percent of South African respondents rate citizenship and social impact as important, with 47 % stating that they are not ready for this trend. 

32 % of respondents state that social responsibility programmes exist in their organisation but are not well-developed or invested in.

Only 28 % responded that social responsibility is high on their list of priorities as a driver of employee and customer branding.

Key Take-outs:The bottom line

We recommend the following actions  that organisations can take to address the opportunities and challenges of this trend:

• Have more focused Social impact programmes

• Form partnerships and aim for quantifiable results

• Remember that education is the future

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