Develop leaders at all levels

Close the gap between hype and readiness

Leadership is the number 1 Human Capital Trend for South Africa - as indicated in the findings from the 2014 Global Human Capital Trends Report Engaging the 21st Century Workforce.

Globally: Leadership is the most important talent issue facing organisations around the world with 86% of respondents rating it as urgent or important, but only 13% responded that they do an excellent job at developing leaders at all levels. 

Leadership remains the top human capital concern—and the largest “readiness gap” in our survey globally and in South Africa.  

The need: 

  • Develop new leaders faster
  • Globalise leadership programs and 
  • Build deeper bench strength. 

For the Leadership trend in South Africa, the highest number of urgent and important responses occurred in the Energy and Resources sector, with 96% rating the trend as urgent and important. 

21st Century Leadership Challenges 

  • Develop Millennials and multiple generations of leaders
  • Acquire understanding of rapidly changing technologies and new disciplines and fields
  • Build the ability to innovate and inspire others to perform


Failure to develop leaders is one of the biggest threats to global business growth 21st-century leadership is different and involves new challenges, including multiple generations, globalisation, need for innovation, and rapidly changing technologies and disciplines

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