Global business driven HR transformation

The journey continues

Over the past 15 years, Deloitte has been advising clients on Human Resource Transformation initiatives.

Human Resource Transformation

Change never stops in the global business environment, and HR must keep evolving if it wants to remain relevant. That’s why professionals across Deloitte’s Talent practice created a forward-looking vision to help organizations understand where they’re headed—and why. This vision, Global business driven HR transformation: The journey continues, identifies 18 distinct focus areas for companies that aim to respond more quickly and effectively to changes, expand their global footprints, and increase revenues and margins. Highlighting critical drivers such as growth, globalization, talent trends, and technology change, this series of point-of-view papers addresses topics that are likely to affect the business environment in ways that also affect executives across the C-suite.

The future starts now

The global business environment is experiencing unprecedented change, and human resources (HR) should develop new capabilities if it wants to remain relevant. Social and economic forces have significant implications for the future of business and HR. And the future starts now.

HR business partners and centers of expertise

Implementing an effective business partnering and Centers of Expertise model can accelerate the evolution of your HR function.

HR Transformation Strategy and Planning

Develop the roadmap for HR transformation, including the priorities, business cases and the future solution

HR Operating Model and Organisation Design

Bring fresh thinking to the services HR delivers and how. This is key to continued improvement in HR efficiency, service quality and governance

HR Technology

Leverage technology to support your HR service strategy. Take advantage of the latest developments in information management and workforce analytics. Integrate your HR technology strategy with the company’s broader technology strategy

HR Outsourcing

Use outsourcing to fundamentally alter your cost structure, improve service quality and enable HR to react more quickly to business changes

HR Shared Services

Establish shared services as a viable long-term solution for organisations that have the scale and desire to optimise the processes themselves and for processes where maintaining control is crucial

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