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B-BBEE Scorecard Support and Strategic Alignment

The B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice emerged in February 2007 as an implementation framework for Black Economic Empowerment within South Africa. As a result, mechanisms were established for the monitoring and evaluation of transformation within the SA economy.

More recently, the Codes were revised by the DTI and are effective from 1 May 2015. The amended legislation poses significant challenges to business in terms of increased compliance requirements which need to be carefully considered when companies are planning strategically for the future.

It is imperative that your business continuously track, measure and adapt performance in respect of the new updated elements and targets. The significant changes to the legislation therefore need to be understood in order to avoid underachievement on your company BEE scorecard.

This breakfast presentation will be aimed at highlighting areas of focus so that you can adopt a more holistic approach when designing your BEE strategy.  

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Deloitte’s service offering encompasses consulting, reporting, administration, and project management of the total B-BBEE compliance process...



10 March 2015



Deloitte Building 33
Woodlands Office Park

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