Leading the social enterprise

Reinvent with a human focus

Intensifying economic, social, and political issues are challenging organisations to reinvent themselves as social enterprises, engaging with stakeholders and cultivating performance in a human way.

In 2019, an intensifying combination of economic, social, and political issues is challenging business strategies. Faced with the relentless acceleration of artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive technologies, and automation, 86 percent of respondents to this year’s Global Human Capital Trends survey believe they must reinvent their ability to learn. After nearly 10 years of economic growth,1 and despite a pervasive corporate focus on digital transformation, 84 percent of respondents told us they need to rethink their workforce experience to improve productivity. And in the face of new pressures to move faster and adapt to a far more diverse workforce, 80 percent believe they need to develop leaders differently.

2019’s 10 human capital trends

The five design principles for the social enterprise give us the why for reinvention. But where can we direct our efforts in order to make a meaningful impact? To address this question, we have organised our human capital trends for 2019 into three actionable categories. The first deals with the future of the workforce: how organisations should adapt to the forces restructuring job and work design, the open talent economy, and leadership. The second deals with the future of the organisation: how teams, networks, and new approaches to rewards are driving business performance. And the third deals with the future of HR: how the function is stepping up to the challenge of redesigning its capabilities, technologies, and focus to lead transformation in HR and across the enterprise.

2019 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report for South Africa
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