New rewards: Personalised, agile and holistic 

Leveraging their power as individuals, employees are asking for more personalised, flexible and holistic rewards, including a focus on fair and open pay.

Eighty-five percent of South African respondents rate this trend as important, with 69 % of respondents rating themselves as not ready for it.   

Sixty-one percent of respondents state that their organisation currently gives an annual bonus or offers incentives to employees as its rewards strategy. 

 There seems to be a feeling among employees that rewards are not adequately linked to performance and not tailored to be effective in aspiring personal performance, especially amongst non-C-suite employees.     

Key Take-outs:The bottom line

We recommend the following actions  that organisations can take to address the opportunities and challenges of this trend

• Introducing greater flexibility into reward models

• Placing a greater emphasis on ethical reward practices

• Real time performance feedback 

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