People data

How far is too far?

The rapid increase in data availability and the advent of powerful people analytics tools have generated rich opportunities for HR and organisations, but they are now also generating a variety of risks.

Nearly all South African respondents (90 %) rate this trend as important, while 65 % think that they are not ready for it. 81 % of respondents feel that IT and HR share the responsibility of ensuring the privacy and security of HR data.   

Just over one-quarter of respondents noted that data and people analytics are not considered to be drivers of value and that there are no strong data governance structures in their organisation.  

However, 46 percent report that data and metrics are playing an increasingly important role in organisational decisions and that moderate to strong governance policies enhance data security, privacy, and accuracy in their organisation’s use of people analytics.

Key Take-outs:

The bottom line

We recommend the following actions  that organisations can take to address the opportunities and challenges of this trend:

• Deliberate use of data for value extraction

• Strong focus on data governance and management

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