The evolution of work

New realities facing today's leaders

The workforce and technology are changing. They are more digital, more technological, and more global. At the same time, business expectations, needs, and demands are evolving faster than ever before.

Getting work done is a fundamental concern for any business. But today, paradigm-shifting forces seem to be driving significant changes in both work and the workforce. New digital and communications technologies are changing how work gets done. The growth of the “gig economy” and advances in artificial intelligence are changing who does the work. Even the question of what work looks like is coming under examination as a continually evolving marketplace drives organisations to explore new business models. 

In the face of these technological and social forces, it could be imperative for businesses to rethink their approaches to the how, who, and what of work in fundamental, perhaps even transformative ways. And as usual, there seem to be no easy answers. 

While we anticipate that the future of work will be better in some respects than many of our present day realities, we also anticipate much turbulence. The complexity of what lies ahead can make many business leaders feel as if they are navigating treacherous rapids rather than charting predictable courses of action.

Key Take-outs

The future of work is here. Both work and the workforce are changing. Is your organisation ready?

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