2015 Best Company to Work For Survey

Measure. Inspire. Motivate. Engage

The 2015 Best Company to Work For Survey - Can your company afford not to be transparent and committed to your employees?

Take part in the Best Company To Work For Survey 2015

The Best Company to Work For Survey has moved away from the traditional benchmark measurement of employer of choice status to a more focused internal measurement of employee and online access to results facilitating a better understanding of sentiment across key demographics.


Leading in the new world of work

One trait all businesses share – whether they sell a product or service – is the drive for growth. The potential a business has to grow is not only tied to market demand, but also to how the company manages and develops the strengths of its employees.

Of course, as a company grows, so does the need to assign greater responsibilities to employees, including roles or functions associated with positions of leadership. However, what most companies overlook in this process is the need to offer guidance and support to their newly appointed leaders on how to function successfully in their new roles.

Critical new skills are scarce and their uneven distribution around the world is forcing companies to develop innovative new ways to find people as well as to develop capabilities and expertise. How can human capital strategies power companies to thrive in this area of rapid change? According to our Human Capital Survey three key areas of strategic focus were noted:

  • Lead and Develop
  • Attract and Engage
  • Transform and Reinvent

The Benefits of Participating in the Survey:

  • *It’s a unique opportunity to engage in an objective and transparent manner with employees.
  • *Makes a strong statement that you take the opinions of your employees seriously.
  • *A well-researched and empirically validated diagnostic of employment priorities and experiences.
  • *An excellent benchmarking and diagnostic opportunity.
  • *Clear commitment to take swift action based on outcomes

Survey Participation Timelines (South Africa)

Flexible participation options throughout the year in three cycles:

Cycle 1: June, July, August.

Cycle 2: September, October, November.

Cycle 3: February, March, April.