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Unlocking the potential of your people through learning is a fundamental key to winning in a disruptive and highly competitive environment. When a company beats its competitors to market, when it effectively joins forces through a merger or acquisition, when it hits financial targets and consistently satisfies customers, it’s a sign that its people have mastered the required skills and behaviors to deliver on business strategy. Deloitte Learning Solutions enable business-led learning, taking an integrated approach on how learning is organised, developed and delivered in the context of your business. We understand that learning is a business lever in its own right. We have significant experience transforming learning & development functions into an integrated learning landscape that develops and strengthens strategic workforce capabilities at all levels of the business.

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Andre Vermeulen

Andre Vermeulen

HR Technology leader

Andre leads our Human Capital Technology services as well as the Digital Learning practice for Deloitte South Africa. Andre has extensive expertise and is a specialist in Information and Communication... More