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In today’s rapidly changing environment, innovation is everywhere, including the world of HR. A new HR or talent product is on the market every few days. Staying on top of the latest technology trends in the HR ecosystem is essential to ensure you’re providing the tools, solutions and services that today’s workforce demands. Deloitte has taken a leading approach to develop innovative products that optimise HR technology implementations. Deloitte professionals are uniquely positioned to advise on, design, and implement these tools. These technologies are targeted to create a meaningful HR service delivery experience, improve labor management practices, and extend the value of existing on-premise and cloud solutions by boosting productivity and engagement. Working with Deloitte enables you to reach into our community of experts to always be out in front and taking the lead in the world of Digital HR.

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With the rise of the gig-economy, talented individuals are moving to engage on shorter contractual arrangement with employers. Deloitte provides a mechanism for our clients to  embraced this state of perpetual talent flux by providing talent on demand. Through our extensive networks and dynamic database Deloitte is able to provide an instant solution to interim and permanent talent capacity challenges, effectively mitigating the recruitment, contracting and admin burden.

As a magnate of talent, Deloitte understands how to attract and engage top talent on behalf of our clients.  We assist you to beat the competition for the brightest minds; from the young prodigies to seasoned executive business leaders.


A B2S plan is fundamental to the success of every organisation. While companies often have Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Customer (B2C) and Business-to-Enterprise (B2E) intelligence in play, Business-to-Staff (B2S) intelligence is rarely included in strategic plans and operational roadmaps.
EnergyJourney is a proprietary Deloitte solution that enhances and sustains high levels of workforce performance. It strengthens the focus of employees and supports high levels of motivation, with a direct bearing on business growth and protection of profit margins. It brings to life the importance of capacitating leaders to build thriving teams of resilient individuals. This way of working with people translates as the difference between an organisation that will forge ahead with confidence or lag behind the pack. The EnergyJourney is an impactful and proven Business-to-Staff (B2S) solution.

Skills Development Solutions

With 15 years of skills development legislation and implementation, South Africa faces challenges to supply the right skill capabilities and capacity demanded by industry to compete successfully in the global economy.  Research indicates that the most important challenges facing skills development locally include; the disconnect between skills needs and learning & development outcomes, lack of training programme effectiveness to underpin job creation requirements, the quality and cost of training, and the bureaucracy associated with the vocational training environment.

Deloitte is acknowledged in the market as the leading learning advisory business with in-depth adult learning expertise to address a unique market need of enhancing employability of unemployed graduates in the local marketplace.  We leverage our knowledge and experience of the South African post-school education and training systems to develop structured learning programmes to grow educational skills within the country.  Ultimately through solutions and programmes, we strive to ensure a high rate of talent absorption into the economy, both across large enterprises as well as in SMMEs.

We are a registered and accredited training provider with various awarding bodies such as SETAs, AATSA and CIPS.

Best Company To Work For

The Best Company Survey has been re-imagined to deliver strategic insights for increased organisational effectiveness. The survey includes smart analytics coupled with best practice research methodologies. It also includes key indices to help organisations gauge whether they are moving in the right direction and as a result your organisation can strategically and proactively manage its competitive advantage and systematically measure its return on investment.


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Andre Vermeulen

Andre Vermeulen

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Andre is the Enterprise Technology & Performance Leader for Consulting Africa. He has extensive experience in cloud solutions and application services, SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud computing... More