Learning Solutions

Empower people through learning

"Online learning is revolutionising employee training, accelerating the move from “push” to “pull” learning." 2014 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Survey

Learning Solutions: Empower people through learning


What we do

Deloitte Learning Solutions aim to assist our clients to achieve their strategic objectives through the empowerment of their people. 


We implement world class learning management solutions, create engaging learning experiences in order to optimise learning delivery and management through the use of advanced learning methods, innovative technology and comprehensive learning strategies and we assess the learning and report on the outcomes.


Learning in the 21st Century 


Have you thought about how to deal with the learning challenges of the 21st Century Workforce? 


• How do you keep employees’ skills up-to-date with the evolving needs of their roles requires businesses to rethink their corporate learning strategies. Yet, learning and training strategies remain uncoordinated in many organisations. Moreover, many have not yet figured out how to make online learning tools accessible to employees


-Younger, Millenial and GenX workers expect training and support to be readily and rapidly available, as part of their online and mobile experience. In this “pull” model, learning and development is a continuous process, with training pulled seamlessly through computers or mobile devices anywhere, anytime.


-Even as more than two-thirds of companies in our 2014 Global Human Capital Trends survey recognise the shift to online training as urgent or important, only six percent believe they have mastered the content and technology capabilities needed to make online learning an accessible tool and a compelling experience for employees.


-Globally more than six in ten executives say they are “weak” in providing mobile and social learning and 67% say they are weak in using Massive Open Online Courses as development tools. (Source: 2014 Global Human Capital Trends Survey