The future of work

How can health systems and health plans prepare and transform their workforce?

The health care industry should find ways to be dynamic yet steady as younger generations enter the workforce, open talent models change how and where work happens, and disruptive technologies transform processes and consumer demands.

The nature of work is changing across all industries and around the world, driven by new technologies and the entry of a new generation into the workforce, bringing with it new expectations and the need for new work models. The health care industry, too, is on the cusp of a major transformation.

But are health systems and health plans ready to transform their workforces and begin to move toward the future of work? The Center for Health Solutions surveyed health plan and health system executives to understand how organisations are navigating the changing nature of work, the workplace, and talent.

The report discusses four nonclinical areas ripe for disruption and automation including:

  • Finance and accounting for all health care organisations 
  • Human resources (HR)/talent for all health care organisations
  • Revenue cycle for health systems
  • Customer service and claims processing for health plans

While the future of work might seem far off, now is not the time to stand still. As health care organisations find their ways toward the future of health, future of work strategies will be a critical enabler to this disruptive transformation.

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