Industry 4.0

Is Africa ready for digital transformation? 

This report, based on interviews with representatives from a range of manufacturing companies, sets out opportunities for the South African manufacturing industry in achieving successful digital transformation towards ‘industry 4.0’, and the various challenges associated with it.

Themes covered in the report:

•Current and future impact of industry 4.0 on Africa/South Africa and South African manufacturing companies

•Current and future usage of smart manufacturing technologies (i.e. advanced analytics, cloud computing, advanced sensors and robotics as well as additive manufacturing (3D printing)

•Current and future status of technology enabled interaction models (i.e. mass customisation, crowdsourcing, collaborative consumption and gamification)

•Challenges and risks that manufacturers face in the new Industry 4.0 environment (e.g. infrastructure, talent etc.)

•Solutions to maximise the opportunities of industry 4.0


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