Analytics in Manufacturing

Are South African manufacturers ready for ‘MAnalytics’?

Globally, the manufacturing industry has begun leapfrogging other sectors by applying analytics to a wide range of areas for business improvement and competitiveness, but to what extent is this valuable tool used by South Africa’s manufacturers?

Deloitte undertook a study on the analytics readiness of South African manufacturers, with the help of 40 manufacturers who took part in the research. By studying and understanding past and current data through analytics, companies can assess their weaknesses and opportunities, predict future trends and make business decisions about the way forward.

Some key findings from the study:

o   South African manufacturers are getting ready for MAnalytics

o   A mixed analytics structure prevails amongst the majority of South African manufacturers

o   Different reasons exist for manufacturers not using analytics and the challenges of getting real value.

o   Many benefits of analytics and new opportunities are still untapped

The findings of our survey will help South African manufacturers compare themselves with their global peers, inform their future strategies for success and shape and strengthen their analytics initiatives moving forward to improve their competitive positioning. The report also discusses the main challenges and opportunities pertaining to analytics.

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