High-performing manufacturers

Where they play and how they win

No one has to tell manufacturing company executives that it’s getting tougher to differentiate themselves and compete successfully—they feel the pressure every day. Still, some manufacturers consistently and convincingly outperform their peers. How are they doing this? And what can “the rest” learn from “the best” to improve their own performance?

Based on our analysis of high performers’ capability clusters, we have identified the following key takeaways:

  • Brand, reputation, and managing customer perceptions are top priority for high-performing manufacturers.
  • Talent remains a key capability among high performers, while the gap is closing on leadership capabilities.
  • High performers are focused on improving their price competitiveness while setting their sights on new markets and new customers.
  • High performers are aggressively applying new, advanced technologies to help drive innovation while protecting intellectual property through an enhanced emphasis on cybersecurity.

This report provides executives with clear direction on what companies need to do to be high-performing manufacturers—now and in the future.

What sets high-performing manufacturers apart - Deloitte University Press

How can Deloitte help 

The Deloitte Africa Manufacturing practice is optimistic about the future of the manufacturing industry and encourages collaboration between the public and private sector to enhance competitiveness for manufacturing in Africa.

So whether you are looking to optimise your operations, develop a strategy to help you attract top talent, or you wish to enter new markets, we have the best teams at our disposal – ready to assist.

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