Deloitte Africa Automotive Insights

Navigating the African Automotive Sector: Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria 

Over the last two decades we have seen robust growth in Africa, which has been accompanied by a rise in disposable incomes, and the emergence of the African consumer – previously thought to be an oxymoron. And while Africa remains the second-fastest growing region after Asia, a number of countries have been hard hit by lower global commodity prices. Some countries are eagerly relooking their business models. 

As Deloitte, we believe that parts of the continent will position in line with global shifts in manufacturing and consumerism. And when looking at things through an automotives lens, we believe that Africa is the final frontier for the global automotive industry. 

We thus have looked at three countries in sub-Saharan Africa and compiled our insights on their potential in the autos sector. This in-market research is part of the Deloitte Africa Automotive Insights series that sheds light on the status quo of the automotive sector in various African countries. We zoomed in on Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria and share the findings and insights in this report. 

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