The feedstocks prism

Unveiling value in volatile and complex petrochemicals

Decisions made and implemented over the next few years by large producers and users of major feedstocks will be crucial. This report focuses on the road ahead for upstream feedstocks and energy, and examines ways in which the familiar historical platform for the (still thriving) world of chemistry, materials science, and industrial biology could change.

The face of the global chemical industry, chemistry, and chemical manufacturing has changed, and while numerous articles have been written about megatrends and their impact on demand, societal change is only part of the story. This transformation can also be attributed in large measure to how changes in information technology, digital design and discovery, materials systems commercialization, biotechnology, manufacturing technology, and trans-ecosystem collaboration are being deployed and by whom. Certain market challenges are intensifying, and potentially to disruptive levels. Some companies, especially those that are already disadvantaged relative to their peers, may find it difficult to compete, remain independent, or even survive.

So, timing is critical in the global chemical industry; including for large producers and users of major feedstocks; decisions made and implemented over the next few years will be crucial. Moreover, how these decisions are made will be as important as the decisions themselves.

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