Deloitte Africa Manufacturing

Enhancing competitiveness

The manufacturing industry is a key focus area for Deloitte, as we look at creating a unique space for us to encourage collaboration between public, private and government entities to discuss current challenges around competitiveness and work together to create sustainable solutions.

Exponential technologies and advances in materials are accelerating the pace of innovation. This paradigm shift in manufacturing is creating new ecosystems, which challenge companies to alter their traditional business model boundaries and to rethink their strategies for growth.

With manufacturing being one of the biggest drivers of the South African economy, it is to the enduring benefit of all that innovation remain at the forefront, and that industry, labour and government find a way to work together to ensure South Africa becomes more competitive. 

At Deloitte, we look to partnering with South African manufacturing industry participants, assisting them to be agile in mastering both systematic complexity and commercial uncertainty, by recognising that collaborative partnerships can be an important enabler for speed, cost advantage and market access.

Our manufacturing practice focuses on seven sub-sectors of the manufacturing industry:

The Deloitte Africa Manufacturing practice is optimistic about the future of the manufacturing industry and encourages collaboration between the public and private sector to enhance competitiveness for manufacturing in Africa. 

Download our Africa Manufacturing Practice brochure and infographic, to learn more about how we partner with companies to enhance their competitiveness.