Mergers and Acquisitions

At Deloitte, we know that every single choice matters. And when it comes to bringing organizations together through mergers and acquisitions or creating new entities through separations and divestitures, there’s no time to second-guess. With the combination of technology and experienced professionals around the world, we uncover, create, and drive maximum value across every stage of a deal.


Our global network of M&A professionals can help you unlock value across the deal lifecycle

Accelerate growth & assess opportunities

Combining local and global expertise, we build the right team to explore potential growth strategies, assessing how emerging tech can accelerate inorganic and organic growth opportunities.

Our target screening approach and experience helps identify attractive and plausible acquisition targets, encompassing options to diversify or increase market differentiation.

Prepare for the transaction. Identify & mitigate transaction & closing risks

To facilitate our clients’ ability to make fully informed transaction decisions, we use our extensive deal and industry experience to highlight key issues and navigate blockers in valuations; deal structure; execution efforts and integration or separation planning.

Throughout the diligence process we impartially interrogate the deal, provide solutions to any risks, and identify and quantify potential upsides. An Executive briefing plan and board paper help ensure senior stakeholders understand the deal rationale and its implications, including closing risks.

Set-up for success from transaction close

Whether integrating or separating an entity, our team develops a plan to deliver on the anticipated business synergies. This can include running workshops to assess how sales teams, suppliers, employees, systems and processes will integrate; developing a customer retention plan and ensuring all regulatory and compliance obligations are met.

To unlock the full value of the transaction, we can also create and design talent retention programs, and help manage change and communication initiatives to drive a smooth and successful transaction.

Evolve your business to realize greater value

The complex nature of an M&A deal will often prompt our clients to seek a more in-depth and robust understanding of potential disruptors and transformational opportunities to evolve and advance their business.

This might include assessing avenues for value creation, exploring performance improvements or reviewing readiness for disruptive technologies or events that may impact the future stability and success of the business.

M&A Strategy 

Mergers, acquisitions, and separations or divestitures can be one of the most complex business activities a company can undertake. 

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Corporate Finance Advisory Services 

The Deloitte Advisory team aims to provide an integrated and collaborative approach to delivering comprehensive solutions to its clients, through a wide range of corporate finance advisory services. 

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Transaction Services | Financial 

Achieve the best value from a transaction 

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Transaction Services | Tax  

All transactions—whether mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, equity investments, or divestitures—involve complex issues that require the dedicated attention of experienced professionals. 

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Transaction Services | Legal  

When businesses get involved in Mergers and Acquisitions, they are faced with complex challenges, critical negotiations and volumes of documentation. Deloitte Legal has the expertise to decode the complexities and advise businesses throughout every stage of a transaction.

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Valuations & Modelling 

Our Valuations & Modelling services help you make decisions confidently, enhance your results, and help you get ahead of key issues. 

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Audit and Assurance  

We assist our clients in applying Assurance Services deep accounting, financial reporting, financial operations, controls and regulatory expertise. 

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Forensic and Regulatory Solutions  

Fraud and corruption risk is on the increase, both globally and locally, with no organisation immune to this costly threat. 

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M&A. Make history.

The pace of today’s M&A activity demands that decision-makers be able to make the right moves confidently and swiftly to capitalize on new opportunities.

Deloitte’s member firms understand the challenges on both sides of the transaction and the need for all parties to drive maximum value. Our global network of M&A professionals are forward-looking specialists with unparalleled experience, skills, and deep industry expertise. By combining these capabilities with proprietary tools and analytics, we identify key risks and rewards, so you can confidently navigate M&A complexities.

For sellers, we help you understand the potential risks and rewards of a divestiture. We assess your situation and support your negotiating position to maximize the sale price and execute the deal with minimal disruption to remaining operations.

For buyers, we recognize the need to unlock value at every stage. We work with you to identify potential targets and support an efficient transaction process for the most complex deals. We also help align deals with your strategic business objectives, maintain compliance, and enhance value through integration and potential upside opportunities.

With building value at the core of our focus, we work seamlessly with you across all stages of planning and executing acquisitions and divestitures.


Client success stories & experiences


Deloitte supported our client's in-house M&A team on the disposal of seven separate assets.

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The Issue—making the most of this moment

In 2015, disruption rippled through the technology industry. When many software companies were shrinking, personal computer maker Dell and software pioneer EMC decided to join forces. The road to a seamless launch and value-focused transformation was truly uncharted territory.

The president and CEO of EMC at the time, along with the president of Dell Services, Digital and IT, formed the Value Creation Integration Office—bringing together leadership and selecting a trusted advisor.

Deloitte has extensive experience on M&A engagements but it was the organization’s ability to look deeper that differentiated Deloitte from other professional service advisers.

The Solution—making the client experience even better

Deloitte’s first recommendation was identifying critical milestones. Through a customer-first lens, the team prioritized and executed 20 percent of the opportunities that presented 80 percent of the accretive value.

The next challenge was workstreams. Thousands of global people needed to understand how their actions affected others and Deloitte helped over 20 workstreams identify and address possible threats.

Due to the size of this tech M&A, Deloitte quickly recognized the need to deploy efficient solutions. Deloitte assisted in the development of digital tools, including a welcome eGuide for over 140,000 employees and an e-runbook targeting 40,000-plus sales professionals on efficiently cross-selling on Day 1.

From specialists in go-to-market, IT, human capital, supply chain, real estate, finance, and tax, Deloitte’s cross-functional expertise certainly contributed to the merger’s ultimate notoriety as the new M&A case study blueprint.

The Impact—making history

September 7, 2016, marked the official close of the deal, with Dell and EMC becoming Dell Technologies.

It was a technology M&A case study like no other. Between Dell, EMC, and Deloitte, the entire project was an exercise in collaboration, innovation, and thoughtful strategic planning.

The end result solidified the new company and its participants in the annals of the tech industry; the merger was valued at $58B at close and impacted 140,000 team members across 180 countries.

When you want to make history, talk to Deloitte.

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When this airline ran into trouble, it was a matter of national importance. A competitive aviation sector is vital for a strong economy and significant parts of Australia’s tourism and hospitality sectors relied upon it. The business was burdened by a legacy of high debt, a high cost base and an ill-conceived strategy to move from a low-cost carrier to a full-service airline.

In April 2020, Deloitte was appointed the administrator of the airline as the growing economic toll of COVID-19 on the travel sector was accelerating, and the airline had a sudden 95% drop in revenue. There were 1.6 million creditors with a debt burden of AUD7 Billion – many of whom were customers with pre-paid tickets, together with over 10,000 employees who needed to be protected. In order to avoid liquidation of the airline, the Deloitte administrators decided to trade the business and commence a (very) accelerated sale process. The Deloitte team was focused on saving the airline and avoiding a liquidation to provide the best outcome to key stakeholders including financiers, trade creditors, investors and employees alike.

Deloitte and the airline’s management worked around the clock on a restructure to rescue the business. The restructure simplified and reduced the cost base to attract a new owner. The Deloitte team actioned a number of initiatives to significantly reduce costs including streamlining the fleet from nine aircraft types to two, reducing the property leasing footprint (including moving the head office), and renegotiating supplier contracts.

In a record 67 days from date of appointment, the business was successfully sold to a private equity firm. This is a great example of how the voluntary administration process can be used to successfully save a business and more importantly preserve jobs for the thousands of employees. This was incredibly rewarding for our team given the national significance of the airline and the number of jobs saved by the restructure.



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