iDeal—defining M&A data analytics

Deeper due-diligence insights, powered by data analytics

Every mergers and acquisitions (M&A) decision is driven at least in part by data. In the past, you might not know the real story behind the numbers until your business was in the trenches of post-deal transition. Today, you have M&A data analytics: Within the typical tight time frame of most deals, iDeal enables you to go deep into the data, regardless of the size of the target, be it a small private company or a large multi-national listed on the JSE, to find out what’s really going on—before it’s too late.

Smarter questions, smarter answers

M&A data analytics is all about asking—and answering—smarter questions throughout the M&A lifecycle. Using iDeal , here are some of the types of questions you could be answering today:

  • What is the true source of this company’s growth? Specific customer segments? Products? Markets? Regulatory changes? Something else?
  • How successful is this company in retaining its customer base?
  • Where are margin trends negatively impacted by specific products, locations, or customers?

How we can help

Deloitte M&A is recognised around the world for its leadership in M&A, from strategy, and execution, to integration, and divestiture—a thorough range of experiences, and capabilities. Similarly, Deloitte Analytics has emerged as one of the most important forces in data analytics today, serving global clients across the industry with a range of advanced services and capabilities. So it’s natural that we combined our strengths in these two areas to create a complete approach to M&A deal-related data analytics available today.

iDeal is a combination of tools, processes, and techniques integrated to provide big-picture insights with a microscopic level of detail. We help clients put those capabilities to work by providing deeper insights and analysis during due diligences, which supports more informed decisions.

Bottom-line benefits

iDeal's capabilities can generate game-changing benefits for companies when it matters most. Here are a few of those most frequently cited benefits by clients.

Get there faster. In due diligences, insights are most useful when they are generated in time to affect decision making. With intuitive interfaces, and near real-time insight delivery, iDeal makes it easier to generate, and leverage insights.

Go deeper. Too often, surface-level data tells a misleading tale. With the ability to analyze micro-level details and correlate them to macro-level decisions, M&A leaders are better equipped to uncover the real story behind the numbers in the context of our local African economic landscapes. ​

Accelerate the sales and purchase agreement (SPA) process. The process of nailing down a SPA typically engages a wide range of time-strapped participants in a race to complete the agreement. It’s a process that can be inefficient and time-consuming—when time is of the essence. M&A analytics makes it easier to analyse more data and deploy it in a more intelligent manner. Not only is it faster, it’s smarter.​

Meet Our Leaders

Nisha Dharamlall

Nisha Dharamlall

Deloitte Africa Transaction Services Leader

Nisha has been with Deloitte Corporate Finance for approximately 12 years and joined the partnership in June 2008. She has over 11 years due diligence experience in a variety of sectors including auto... More