A Case Study in the Automotive Sector

Business Partnership in Action

The automotive industry is poised at the onramp of a massive transformation as it faces a critical pivot from product-focused business models to more customer-centric ones. Manufacturers have to think smart by leveraging off creative and strategic partnerships in order to remain competitive in the market and deliver high-quality customer experience in an industry which is full of unfamiliar technology and services. Deloitte unlocks value for Nissan by providing an outsourced finance solution which allows Nissan’s Finance leaders to focus on strategic core business aspects. The success indicator here was the rapid deployment of smart solutions for Nissan’s most complex business challenges leveraging our qualified professional.

Our expert says:

'Deloitte’s success at Nissan rests on its rapid deployment of services with quick and impactful results.' Wendy Smith: Finance & Accounting Regional Leader

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BPS Nissan success story
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