A Case Study in the Financial Services Sector

Business Partnership in Action

South Africa’s volatile economic environment provides challenges for organisations belonging to different industries. In the financial services industry, the dilemma still continues for the search of skills, allowing an organisation to deploy ‘the right people at the right time’. New technologies have been found to disrupt the value proposition of existing services and products, thus improving service delivery and product offerings.

Deloitte partnered with a technology company whose objective is to drive operational cost reduction. An outsourcing arrangement assists in optimising services in a more cost effective manner and provides access to additional skills and capabilities. Through this business partnership, the client gains the following value:

  • Vast skills and expertise
  • Continuous improvement
  • Cost effectiveness
  • The time zone allowed for queries to be swiftly resolved
Our expert says:

'To grow into foreign markets, tap new segments, or sell diversified products or services, successful partnerships will be a defining factor and must form part of the business strategy.’ Wendy Smith: Accounting & Financial Accounting regional leader

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